Monday, September 14, 2009

Cafemom Street Team Mom Attack!!

Tonight's attack is on......
Erin with Turtley Awesome Crafts!!!  Erin is a very talented mom and has some wonderful items in her many shops.  Here are some of my personal favorites!

From her artfire store
Brown and blue flowers
 Mary Jane Baby Shoes
It was a hard choice, but these 100% cotton Mary Janes are just adorable!  The pattern is beautiful and the blue and brown colors are  very popular.  Your baby girl will definetly be the best dressed one at the play date in these.  At only $16.00 they are a steal!  They come in 4 sizes, 0 to 18 months.

From her etsy shop

 Monkey Pee Pee Tents

If you have a baby boy then you know changing time can be risky buisness.  Made from soft and absorbant flannel, these handy little tents catch any pee your son decides to aim in your direction.  They come in many patterns, but the monkeys are my favorite.  You get 3 for only $4.50!
*BTW, she also has a DROOLIE to match the Mary Janes in this shop!*

Erin also has Sewopolis on etsy and artfire.  She's a busy woman I tell ya!

From Sewopolis on etsy

DIY Iron On/Sew On
Garden Maze Red Elephant

Yet another hard decision.  Sewopolis is full of fun DIY projects.  But this elephant caught my eye.  I think this little guy would look great on a dainty little white dress.  It's as simple as ironing it on and sewing the edges.  Instructions are included.  A great price at just $3.00!

From Sewopolis on artfire

DIY Iron On/Sew On
Sock Monkey Heart

How can you not love sock monkeys on pogo sticks!  This fun applique could go on just about anything.  Why should kids get all the fun stuff?  Add this to your grocery sack to stand out in the check out line!  It's $3.00 and comes with instructions.

Erin is also the maker of the Original Ouchie Pouchie-Boo Boo Bag!  These can be found on etsy at 

The Ouchie Pouchie (TM)
 Turtle Turtle
Ouchie Pouchies are awesome and way more convient than bags of ice.  They are filled with rice! So they are non toxic and you don't have to worry about that mystery blue stuff in the gel packs you get at the store.  Just store them in the freezer and it's ready for Jr.'s next boo boo.  You can also pop it in the microwave to soothe achy muscles (like when you pull something picking up your toddler). They come in plenty of pattern choices, but the Turtle Turtle is my fave.  At only $4.50 each, you can afford to get each kid their own!

Now go and attack this tallented mom!  Buy homemade from moms!  Moms do it better!!