Monday, July 6, 2009

Norcaro Jewelry Company

Well I took the leap into entrepreneurship and started to sell my jewelry online. Not much else I can do with it around here. I have an Etsy shop and an Artfire shop. Since times are tough I can't really advertise in the traditional sense. So here I am, blogging about it. Help me out and take some time to read about my jewelry and visit my shops. I would really appreciate it.

I'll start off with a little bit about me. I am 28 years old. I married my high school sweetheart and we have 5 kids. My girls are Loxley 9, Teagan 3, and Georgia 2. My boys are Ethon 7 and Tucker 10 months old today. I am a stay at home mom. I mean really, could you imagine my daycare bill? I have an associates degree and plan on being a high school science teacher once I finish college. Jewelry making started out as something to pass what little free time I have. I beats cleaning and cooking by a long shot. After a while my house started looking like a bead warehouse. It has become a bit of an obsession. So I decided to start selling my jewelry. I can't wear it all.

I am completely self taught. Let's face it. With 5 kids I have no time or money to take classes. So I learn from my mistakes, and read up on techniques on the web. So far it's worked great.
I try to make my jewelry as durable as possible. There is nothing worse than seeing your favorite necklace fall to the floor in pieces due to your kid using it as a teething ring. I like to make things that can go with your little black dress one night and your blue jeans the next day. Having a little bit of everything for everyone is my goal. After all, I am about as eclectic as they come. So sticking to one style just isn't for me.

I get my inspiration from a lot of different places. Sometimes even people. Right now the season is my greatest inspiration. There are so many colors you only see in the summer. Color combinations in flowers, summer birds, and the ocean are really nice this time of year. Check out my water lilly bracelets. I got the idea for those from some water lillies I spotted on a trip to the Lazy 5 ranch with my kids.
I also like to mix it up with shapes. The world is full of plain jane, round pearl and bead necklaces. What's so wrong with squares? How about stars? How about stars inside of squares? I love it when I am wearing something and someone comments on it's uniqueness. Who doesn't like to be noticed?
On a recent trip to Charleston S.C. I came across an awesome bead shop. They had a ton of beads I have never seen before. They were having a killer sale too! (what girl doesn't like a good sale?) In the corner on the floor was a basket of grab bags. The best buy I ever made. I found out that I really like working with stone, shell and mineral beads. The colors are fantastic. Nice gem stones in great shapes and colors. I have so many ideas for those bags. I have some nice ones made up and in my shops right now.

Well that is me and my shops in a nut shell. I will be posting my new creations here as well as my specials and sales. So keep an eye out. And please pass the word. Thanks!

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